Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk and Port of Immingham Adopt Heavy-Duty Composite Access Covers to Increase Safety and Efficiency

Container Terminal DCT Gdańsk, Poland, and Port of Immingham, UK, are latest to adopt Fibrelite’s heavy-duty composite access covers.
Traditionally the sole domain of concrete and metal, Fibrelite explains that increasing numbers of ports are going composite since it developed its 90 tonne (F900) load rated lightweight covers. An inherent resistance to corrosion from saltwater and fuel while safely manually removable at high load ratings make composites an attractive solution for portside applications.
Fibrelite explains that both ports are using the covers to provide easy access to underground utilities in port areas expecting loads of 40-90 tonnes. In Immingham, trench covers will provide access to crane supply cables, while in Gdansk they will be used for water uptake points and access pits on the quay edge.
Fibrelite expects to see more and more ports choose composites as they look for solutions to increase safety and efficiency.

Reproduced from NetComposites Now

Published: 14th February 2017