Toby Whitfield

Toby Whitfield


ShapeShift Design Technologies

Toby Whitfield is the CEO and Partner of the ShapeShift Technologies group incorporating the digital manufacturing business mouldCAM, and the composite façade system company – ShapeShell. ShapeShift / mouldCAM have operations in Australia, Indonesia, UK, USA and Holland.

Over the past 15 years Toby and his business partner Jaime Marina have collaborated with many of the worlds  best known  Artists , James Angus, Scott Redford, Jennifer Turpin, Christian Di Vietro and Steven Short to bring the most ambitious projects to reality. Mpavilion, a collaboration with Sterling Prize award winner, UK Architect Amanda Levete, was listed in Wallpaper magazines top 15 installations that capture the imagination of the world.

Described as “Fearless”, their business culture quickly attracted the attention of progressive Architects and some of Australia’s  most unique buildings owe their distinguishing features to their work including Melbourne’s RMIT’s “The Green Brain”, Swanston Squares’ Edward Barak “portrait façade”, and the façade for the new VCCC Hospital.

Toby credits their success to the ability to maintain design intent by delivering every step of the process in-house from initial design development and engineering, manufacture, through to installation and final certification. Works are a combination of manufacturing technologies and materials including cast aluminum, cement, wood and advanced composites.  

Toby has a background in advanced composites and large format 3D CAD/ CAM manufacturing technology. Toby and Jaime first met on the professional yacht racing circuit where they sailed for a number of international teams at the Grand Prix level for over a decade. They have both sailed around the world and have won multiple world championships.

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